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Learn about AMA Institute’s original products – automated, fast and precise analytical models supporting business in its various aspects. All of them can be quickly implemented among our current and future customers. Check their details and see how with their help your organization can instantly optimize the strategic management by means of building data-driven organization.

AMA AdvancedScorecard Builder

is a solution designed by AMA Institute, that allows for simple and quick construction and implementation of predictive modelling. Predictive modelling is a significant part of innovative future for any business focused on analytics, strategy and competitiveness. Learn the probable behaviour of your customers, estimate the risk, evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and increase the efficiency of your company’s operational processes.

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AMA-Credit eXpress?

Automatic process for consumer loans origination.

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AMA-Chess Logic?

A tool for strategic sales
and organizational management.

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AMA-BI Retail Management?

A system for effective Retail
sales management.

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AMA-BI Bank Management?

A system for effective
Bank management.

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AMA-Debt collections?

A system for effective
collection processes? management.

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AMA-Next Best Action?

A solution that finds the best action
towards effective customer management.

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AMA-CRM Sales Management?

A system for effective customer relationship
management in financial institution.

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AMA-Advanced Scorecard Builder?

A solution that allows for
implementation of predictive models.

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AMA-JPK Analytics?

An automatic analytical and reporting tool based on JPK – customer financial data.

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