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Retail Management?

AMA – BI Retail Management? is an innovative solution that depicts comprehensively performance of your entire sales network. It allows an organization to easily monitor turnover of all stores with relation to selected aspects and benchmarks. It facilitates design of the most profitable marketing and promotional campaigns. AMA – BI Retail Management? prepares personalized sales recommendations for every store, a sales region or an entire sales network.

Only a minimum range of sales data is necessary to enable a first processing of the AMA – BI Retail Management? system, as the rest of data is processed by the AMA Institute?s analytical decision engine.

AMA Institute offers:

User-friendly interface and the possibility of individually tailored personalization

  • direct insights into the current situation of organization’s ales business and forecasts
  • quick identification of areas requiring improvement through a set of adjusted indicators
  • monthly sales recommendations – a personalized lists of products with the highest sales potential per store
  • analytical recommendations of promotions on a monthly basis – by means of the best analytical mechanisms
  • eevaluation of completed marketing campaigns
  • customer segmentation based on sales receipts data – a key insight to understand customers’ shopping preferences
  • store segmentation - strengths and weaknesses analysis

Report server available through a web browser. Implementation time only 3 to 5 days.

What are the benefits of working
with AMA Institute?

You do not need a huge bulk of data to start effectively managing your business. A lot of information is hidden in sales receipts data. AMA Institute may help to maximize your returns based on unique methodology to analyse and interpret sales receipts data.

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