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AMA-Chess Logic?

Based on extensive professional experience in the area of sales, AMA Institute developed the unique CHESS LOGIC? model to implement truly effective sales organization. Each pillar of CHESS LOGIC? AMA Institute can help building build from scratch, improving or developing each component of the model. As a result, sales area will ultimately perfectly match and be aligned with the rest of the organization.

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AMA Institute offers:

Audit of key areas based on the AMA Institute original methodology

  • questionnaires
  • quantitative methods

Development and implementation of:

  • an effective internal communication
  • an adequate strategy and practices of human resources management
  • work standards for managers and sales employees
  • cohesion of competitive advantages’ perception among customers, employees and management
  • an effective organizational structure
  • an effective MBO system
  • an effective results reporting system (Business Intelligence)
  • appropriately advanced analytical models and processes regarding customer's life cycle management

What are the benefits of working
with AMA Institute?

Due to the cooperation with AMA Institute, you will build an effective sales network. Together, we will design and develop a strategic part of your company. The implementation of each element of the Chess Logic? will allow your organization to achieve business objectives based on the win-win philosophy.

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