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AMA ? Credit eXpress?

AMA Institute knows which pillars and solutions should be implemented so that a loan origination process not only maximizes financial results, but also builds the trust and satisfaction of customers and sales employees. Analytical models, sales processes, price management and many other elements implemented by AMA Institute form a coherent unique mechanism that favours the security of the entire financial sector.

AMA – Credit eXpress? system performs hundreds of thousands calculations, finding the best possible offer for a potential customer based on prudent credit risk management practices.

AMA Institute offers:

What are the benefits of working
with AMA Institute?

Due to the implementation of AMA – Credit eXpress?, your organization will be able to introduce a loan origination process that is based on logic that correctly indicates customers who can afford to take out credit by means of customer and transaction risk assessments.

AMA – Credit eXpress? simplifies and speeds up operational processes, so that they become less complicated, transparent and understandable for a customer and a sales employee. As a result, AMA – Credit eXpress? enables effective education of customers in terms of personal finances management.

AMA – Credit Express? implements standards that build security of your organization as well as the entire financial sector.

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