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AMA-Debt Collections?

AMA ? Debt Collections? solution is a system for effective management in the area of amicable debt collection processes.

It aims at optimization of collection processes when achieving tangible financial benefits.

AMA Institute offers:

AMA ? Debt Collections? is based on the unique proprietary analytical tool AMA – Next Best Action?. A decision engine built on the basis of our analytical models allows determining the best actions in order to maximize a debt recovery.

AMA-Debt Collections? obsługuje następujące procesy:

AMA-Debt Collections ? also generates automatic reports that present key business indicators, allowing to measure the effectiveness of amicable collection processes? management.

What are the benefits of working
with AMA Institute?

AMA Institute offers its business, analytical and IT competences to create solutions that create a business value in a holistic and an optimal manner.

We believe that development of strategic and analytical foundations is essential to create effective and competitive debt collection processes of the future.

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