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Designing and building an effective sales network from the bottom up

We consider the issue of the company functioning within two dimensions: sales and the rest of the organization?s structure. We know from the experience that the sale is often viewed as an area that does not guarantee the success and effective leadership leading to gain market share and win competitive struggle.
Contrary to this tendency, we place sales at the center of the company’s strategy and help in creating an organization that is subordinate to entities that directly work with existing and potentially new clients.

Chess Logic

What AMA Institute can do?

Analysis of sales potential and implementation of recommendations

  • terrestrial sales networks
  • call centers

Analysis of key areas and implementation of recommendations

  • development and implementation of human resource management strategies and practices
  • development and implementation of work standards for managers and sales employees
  • development of an effective sales structure
  • development of effective internal communication

Your success with AMA Institute

Together, we discover the sales management as an active process. In the course of it, a number of changes to the entire organization take place, as a result of which the outcomes and effects of the managed enterprise are improved. By showing the necessary areas of the company’s functioning as a dynamic and coherent whole, we create conditions that are necessary to build an inspiring workplace for the best staff on the market.
Our activities are focused on identifying lasting business partner and on creating highest ethical culture of achieving financial goals by both business owners and managers.

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