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Exemplary project implemented by AMA Institute

Credit risk policy optimization, improving the profitability of a credit product and sales increase for a Polish bank.
For its client AMA Institute developed scoring models, response models, COR and LGD models as well as implemented the profitability management module.
The entire project was concentrated on implementation of the AMA-Credit Express ? solution that consists of a risk engine, a profitability management module, communication with multiple external systems and integration with main production system.

Implementation of AMA?s solution resulted in a significant increase in the profitability of new sales as well as simplification and time reduction of sale and credit product?s handling.
We are able to transform business needs into specifications for other areas of the organization, streamlining business processes and multiplying a company’s capital.

AMA Credit Express?

Your success with AMA Institute

Our approach assumes processes controlling focused on optimization. We provide our clients with recommendations that are based on understanding of key indicators for individual client’s business branches and analysis of operational processes as well as detailed business data.
By quick creating of hypotheses, testing them and analyzing the results, we develop quick-wins that bring measurable financial benefits in a short time.

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