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Designing and implementing an effective sales network from scratch

We resolve the ubiquitous conflict of two worlds: sales and the rest of the organization. From our experience we know that sales often stand on the paradigm that has limited impact on the organization and its employees – with often short-term pressures without guarantee of success and effective leadership that allow gaining market share or win the battle of competition.

Knowing that, we put the sales into the heart of the whole strategy of every organization, helping to build the functioning of the whole enterprise that is dedicated to units that confront on their day-to-day job existing and potential new customers.

Chess Logic

What AMA Institute can do?

Analysis and review of sales channels’ potential and implementation of business recommendations

  • sales network
  • online channels
  • other channels

Analysis of key areas that impact sales performance and implementation of business recommendations

  • building and implementing human resource strategy
  • building affective sales model and omnichannel strategy
  • uilding effective internal and external communication strategy

What are the benefits of working
with AMA Institute?

Jointly we will discover that managing sales is the process that requires holistic active approach. When managing sales, the whole organization needs to make all the necessary changes that affect positively the sales and financial results. Impacting the necessary pillars of the client?s organization, we build the necessary and sufficient conditions for creating the inspiring working place for sales employees.

Our work with a client and our recommendations are targeting to build the long lasting relationship, building the highest level of ethical culture that creates financial results that will make proud both company owners, its management and employees.

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