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Case studies: completed projects
by AMA Institute

Review of the credit acceptance process, optimization of credit risk policy and development of automatic reporting for a loan institution in Poland.

AMA Institute audited the credit approval process, indicating the areas for improvement. During design stage, scoring models and a new risk policy were built and further introduced into an IT tool – a credit risk engine. During the next stage, the credit decision engine was implemented and integrated into the main production system. Moreover, AMA Institute built a process of automatic reporting of key performance indicators.

AMA BI Bank Management?

AMA Institute conducted a data analysis, examined previously used credit risk models and their predictive power. New scoring models were built and proposed changes to the rejection rules in order to increase the acceptance threshold while reducing credit risk. We created a business case that indicated the possibility of a significant improvement in financial result through the implementation of the proposed list of recommendations.

What are the benefits of working
with AMA Institute?

Our approach assumes controlling the processes in order to optimize them while achieving the ultimate business goals.
AMA Institute provide clients with business recommendations based on an analysis of key performance indicators for all business areas in conjunction with the analysis of operational processes and detailed business data. Quickly creating hypotheses, testing them and analyzing the results, we develop quick-wins, which give measurable financial benefits in a very short period of time.

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