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Development and implementation
of automated reporting systems

In order to quickly obtain information and make appropriate decisions, the implementation of automatic reports (Business Intelligence) in such areas as credit risk management, assessment of the effectiveness of sales channels or debt recovery, is of paramount importance for each institution. AMA Institute has developed dedicated and unique Business Intelligence tools that offer an automatic reporting of predefined, key performance indicators for ongoing monitoring of the effectiveness of the entire organization. We use modern Business Intelligence tools, such as Tableau, SAS Visual Analytics, Python Dash and other.

What AMA Institute can do?

i. While developing loan businesses from scratch, AMA Institute has many years of experience in building both business monitoring scorecards - to monitor the efficiency of loan business, as well as in implementing tools to automate the entire reporting process. We believe that automated reporting and modern Business Intelligence tools will increase the time that an organization can effectively devote to analysis for making right business decisions. AMA Institute often delivers dedicated solutions in the SaaS model.

An example of a Business Intelligence report, showing the development of customer segment groups over time – the risk and volume on individual loan groups.

An example of Business Intelligence report, where credit risk is calculated for specific age groups. The more the color is red, the greater is the risk. The size of the bar illustrates the number of applications.

What are the benefits of working
with AMA Institute?

Automatic reporting eases management of the entire loan institution in an effective manner. Due to the cooperation with AMA Institute you can implement automatic reporting of the most important key performance indicators in only 1-2 months. We have developed a range of reports that present the current results at every level of your organization, allowing to identify areas for improvement and making relevant business decisions.

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