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Optimization of financial results

We know which solutions should be implemented so that a loan company operates in a way that maximises not only company?s financial results, but also satisfaction of its customers and sales employees. Analytical models, sales and debt collection processes, price management and many other elements should create coherent mechanisms guaranteeing the security of the entire loan sector. We will effectively design and comprehensively implement all the necessary solutions that a complex loan business may consist of. We are also able to identify the main weaknesses of individual areas, instantly developing a corrective action plans and solutions that are timely and methodically optimal.

Publications of AMA Institute

What AMA Institute can do?

Development of a loan business from scratch

  • business case development
  • analysis and development of the work-flow of the end-to-end business process
  • development of a Credit Information Bureau (BIK) engine
  • credit risk scorecard development
  • credit decision engine development
  • development of the ACURA campaign management (Acquisition, Cross-sell, Up-sell, Retention, Advocacy - loyalty models)
  • specification and development of key performance indicators
  • monitoring and maintenance of risk management processes
  • distribution model development

Analysis of the effectiveness and efficiency of the consumer finance business line

Development of a decision tree – a command center

  • product management policy
  • pricing policy
  • operational risk costs
  • acquisition costs
  • maintenance costs

What are the benefits of working
with AMA Institute?

Our team is made up of people who offer various competences and have built loan businesses in numerous financial institutions. We know most common business traps and challenges to overcome. We know internal relationships of particular parts of the loan business and we are also aware of the influence of minor elements on the shape of the whole business.

By using our knowledge, our customers are able to acquire their own competences and thus achieve competitive advantage, leading to a stronger market position.

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