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Segmentation ? building and implementing advanced analytical models

AMA Institute follows the philosophy that every individual customer wants to regulate her / his debt and one?s current arrears usually are the result of a difficult personal situation. Therefore, a debt collection company should understand the needs and challenges of an each individual customer, eventually, applying an individual approach in order to find a respective solution that on one hand gives a customer an opportunity to recover from a disadvantageous financial situation, and on the other hand ensures the achievement of business goals of an organization.

A large number of difficult operational processes, together with the complex processes that are required to identify the unique individual customer?s needs, require a rigorous design and implementation of appropriate analytical models. Such approach allows identifying homogenous customer segments that are crucial for developing an appropriate approach and strategy of a debt collection company.

What AMA Institute can do?

i. AMA Institute assists in development and implementation of appropriate analytical tools that allow identifying individual customer segments. Such approach indicates both the scope of necessary information that should be collected and analysed on an ongoing basis and customer segments for which data enrichment and obtaining new information is crucial.

What are the benefits of working
with AMA Institute?

Our unique approach ensures that key business decisions based on data analysis will be cost-effective and economically justified. We assure that the respective approach to individual customers will help them to come out of their difficult financial situation, eventually leading to the win-win effect and an added value for the whole society.

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