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Customer segmentation, effective product offering and sales management

Organizations often do not realize how much data and information they already have in their possession for making the right business decisions. Such internal data and information may be used for the following purposes:

  • Analyze and identify relevant customer segments, who visit their stores
  • Effective management of a product offering
  • Sales monitoring and management of both individual stores and store chains

AMA Institute helps to make the most out of internal data, while achieving tangible benefits, for both an organization and its customers.

What AMA Institute can do?

AMA Institute developed a unique tool, which based on sales receipts? data, is able to address the following business issues:

What customer segments are visiting the sales stores?
How to encourage customers buy more often?
How to retain customer in order to keep the sales levels?

Which products are worth central support?
How effective are sales stores?
Which stores require significant changes in order to boost sales volume?

Should a store have a higher sales target?
Many other business questions.

Regardless of the type of a product or sector, AMA Institute will implement Business Intelligence and analytical tools, which will analyse hundreds of thousands of data and transactions in an automated way, presenting the results in a friendly graphical form of relevant statistics and analyses. Based on the performed analysis, AMA Institute will recommend activities that are worth of implementing in an organization and as a result, on the one hand, will positively impact the bottom line, and on the other hand, will increase overall customers? satisfaction.

What are the benefits of working
with AMA Institute?

The unique tool, developed by AMA Institute, will allow an organization to implement an optimal set of Business Intelligence reports within a record-breaking time. Achieving market success is possible only when key business decisions are based on data and detailed customers? behaviour analysis.

Do not make your decisions based solely on an expert knowledge – contact us and become a market leader!

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