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Developing organizational analytical capability ? predictive modelling on a mass scale

Shared Service Centers (SSC) have achieved the expected business effects, such as: economies of scale, cost arbitrage, standardization of operational processes, efficient management system, etc. However, AMA Institute believes that further evolution of SSC is needed as they will ultimately become a partner, who together with their clients will co-create business value, taking active part in the key decision making processes, as well as in their monitoring within self-learning processes.

In order to carry out such transformation, the SSC must create the appropriate analytical capability and AMA Institute can help to achieve that.

What AMA Institute can do?

AMA Institute can help to create an analytical infrastructure necessary for development, implementation and monitoring of numerous predictive models and automatic reporting tools (Business Intelligence) in order to create a high business value for Shared Service Centres and their customers. Our unique tools such as AMA - Advanced Scorecard Builder allow developing the right predictive models in just a few days, while creating many business reports that bring valuable knowledge and business value.

What are the benefits of working
with AMA Institute?

Due to the cooperation with AMA Institute and the implementation of predictive models and automatic reporting tools, your organization will become an equal business partner, who proactively helps managing future events and is able to forecast and create business value for its clients.

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